Attack of the 50 Foot Baby Stacking Blocks

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The only stacking blocks made to knock down!
Made of thick, durable cardboard
When stacked, skyscraper reaches 30 inches tall!
Cartoon hi-jinx crisscross skyscraper top to bottom
Fun for mom & Dad as well as baby

Come on. What do babies like to most with stacking blocks? They love to knock them down!

Introducing the only stacking blocks built to do just that! Each stacking block building is richly illustrated with hilarious scenes and story threads as the residents (from the retail level to the penthouse suite) prepare for the baby-pocolypse. Seven sturdy blocks stack to a dizzying 30 tall! Break out your video camera and make the disaster movie your baby was born to make!

Packaging Copy:

Baby is on the loose! Luckily, this building is zoned for mayhem! At 30 inches tall, this mixed-use high-rise should more than satisfy your child's natural temptation to topple. Baby will love going to town on these seven hilarious blocks illustrating all the joys of big city living - from pigeons to cat burglars, overpriced restaurants to overweight TV repairmen. Clever visual stories make it a hoot for bigger kids and parents, too. It's an imaginative way to have a monstrous good time.

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