Baby Casting Kit / White Frame / Silver Hand & Foot Casts by BabyRice

Baby Casting Kit / White Frame / Silver Hand & Foot Casts by BabyRice

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Large Baby Casting Kit complete with 3D shadow box display frame
Complete kit enables you to take up to 12 different hand and/or foot casts of a newborn baby
Unique kit - makes an ideal keepsake gift for any new parent
DIY casting, easy to do in the comfort of your own home
All handmade and assembled in the UK!

A Beautiful and totally Unique Baby Keepsake Gift, makes a perfect present for any new parent or Christening!

This stunning Baby Casting Kit comes complete with a beautiful contemporary frame. The display area of the frame is 10.5x7.5 plenty big enough to display a few hand and/or foot casts of a newborn baby.

Everything is included to make beautiful lifelike casts of your baby's hands/feet. There are enough materials to make up to 12 different casts for a newborn baby and 4-6 for a 3 year old.

3D casting gives you stunning results and an everlasting reminder of just how little your baby's hands/feet once were. Every single detailed print, line and wrinkle of your baby's hand/foot is captured, you'll be amazed at the fantastic results and will treasure your casts forever more.

The casting section of the kit comprises of the following:
* 908g color change (chromatic) Alginate
* 800g High Grade Casting Plaster
* 6 Polybags
* 2 plastic cups
* Cocktail sticks
* Metallic Paint
* Artists Paintbrush
* Glue
* And of course, easy to follow instructions!

How's it done? It's a very simple process. First, a mould is made of baby's hand or foot - quick setting alginate is used so baby doesn't need to keep still for long, but if baby does wriggle, then we recommend that you wait until they're asleep before you try again! Once the mould is made, you simply mix the supplied plaster with water and pour into the mould. Then after 3-4 hours, the alginate can be broken away from the plaster cast and there you have your hand or foot cast! The plaster casts need to dry out for a few days before you can paint them with the supplied metallic paint. Full instructions are included with the kit along with some handy tips. Should you need it, support is available from BabyRice as well as individual materials. Our contact details come with every kit.

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