Baby Diaper Disposal System with top lockable box holder and bags starter set

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Size :With Lock
Wall mountable dispenser for S.A.C. Baby Diaper Disposal Bags
Holds 2 - S.A.C. 30 bag boxes for a total of 60 bags.
Convenient and easy dispensing near changing table so bags are always readily available.
For use with S.A.C. Disposal bag model # DB9030
Set includes 1 dispenser and 4 boxes of S.A.C. baby diaper disposal bag boxes (each box contain 30 bags for a total of 180 bags).

S.A.C. Baby Diaper Disposal - Bag Dispenser. Holder for baby diaper disposal bags in a box S.A.C. item DB9030. (sold separately). This unit is lockable. It will hold 2 S.A.C. 30 bag boxes allowing for time between replacement. This unit is great for placement near baby diaper changing tables in public restrooms. It also is a nice item for use in nursery's, childcare facilities and hospitals, homes. This set includes 1 dispenser and 4 individual S.A.C. boxes. Refill Baby Diaper disposal bags are also (sold separately) on Amazon. Seach: All Departments, B0045V7ZNK

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