Baby Footprint Kit and Canvas (Baby Shower Gift for Parents, Grandparents and the Nursery), Pink Bubbles

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Color :Pink Bubbles
Do-it-yourself kit to preserve and display your child foot or hand print
11 x 14 printed gallery wrapped canvas- ready to hang
Great gift for Baby Shower, New Parents and Grandparents
It's magical, simply wipe away mistakes with a damp wet rag and redo
A-Z plus 0-9 stamps for personalizing

Stamp My Feet offers a unique and fun way to capture and display your child's footprint or handprint. The product is a 11 x 14 printed gallery wrapped canvas, which comes ready to hang with decorative ribbon. The do-it-yourself kit includes all the accessories necessary to create a treasured keepsake. The kit includes a black Made in USA, non-toxic stamp pad to ink the child's foot or hand. Also included are full upper and lower case alphabet stamps and 0-9 number stamps for personalizing the child's name and (birth)date. These are clear rubber stamps which are perfect for this product because you can see exactly where to place each letter, practically mistake proof.If the user makes a mistake while doing the print, they can simply wipe the entire print off with a wet cloth and redo it, yet it still dries to the touch. There are five designs offered in stock now which include blue bubbles, green bubbles, pink bubbles,a solid blue with a brown border as well as a solid pink with a brown border.Stamp My Feet Baby Hand and Footprint Kit is a terrific gift for a Baby Shower, New Parents, Grandparents and a beautiful personal touch to any nursery.

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