Baby Nap Cap Sleep Aid Mask & Infant Sun Shade Hat Gift Box, Blue

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Color :Blue
Size :One Size, birth to 16 lbs.
Promotes Sleep Safely - Pediatrician Approved - Magical Sleep Mask
Screens Out Light - Blocks Out Distractions
Calming, Relaxing, Soothing Effect, Teaches Sleep Schedule
Multifunctional Cute Fun Infant Sleep Mask - Doesn't Impede Eyes or Lids
Protects Baby's Eyes from Bright Light - It's a Sun Shade Visor

New Invention! NapCap means Nap time! Unique Baby Sleep Mask! Use NapCap Sleep Mask whenever it is time for a baby's nap. Babies learn to fall to sleep with repeated us of NapCap at nap time. The baby NapCap is my baby's lights out cue! says Lane K., a first-time mom. When I put the cap on my little girl, she knows it is time to go to sleep. It is that easy! Today's family maintains a very hectic schedule that doesn't always allow for putting baby down in the ideal sleeping environment. With the baby NapCap, parents, grandparents, and caregivers can place the cap on the baby's head, drop the veil, and a calming effect takes place. This sleep aid will block light and other visual distractions from the baby's line of sight, thus allowing the baby relax and to find a way to ease themselves to sleep. Very useful when ready to begin training for a set sleep schedule. This versatile cap can be worn in different positions, making it useful as a typical infant hat, a very often-needed sun visor for their sensitive eyes, and as a sun screen for their faces or their back of the neck when worn backwards. NapCap is also useful during nursing to help focus baby's attention on the task. Sleep problems - fussy, colicky, or oversensitive baby? Help is now available with Baby NapCap. Remember to have your NapCap with you where ever you go. It will be invaluable. Uses for Baby NapCap: Restaurants, Shopping Trips, Day Care, Car, Stroller, Carriers, Airplanes and Airports, New Places, Parties, Traveling, Beach and Pool, Hospital or NICU. NapCap for families on the GO! Perfect baby or shower gift for the new mother and newborn. Free shipping with purchase of $25 or more. Keep NapCap in car, stroller, diaper bag & an extra handy when NapCap is in the wash. Helping babies sleep E.A.Z.Z.Z.Z.Y. Veil down...Time to Sleep! NapCap comes in Poly Gift Bag & Clear Gift Box in white, pink or blue. Product of the Year - Creative Child Magazine! Top Choice of the Year Baby - Maternity Magazine!

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