BabyDoll Bedding Fitted Waterproof Cradle Mattress Protector,18x36, white

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Color :White
Size :18X36

ADDS AN EXTRA LAYER of comfort while providing a waterproof barrier to the mattress. This item is a must for every BASSINET/CRADLE mattress so that it will protect the mattress from dirty fluids and mold.

COMPOSITION: Soft quilted poly cotton top pad backed with waterproof vinyl. Poly/cotton pockets with elastic on the edges to  provide a snug fit around the mattress. Fits mattress just like a fitted sheet. Fitted bassinet/cradle mattress sheets can be purchased separately.

Fully Manufactured in the USA

Meets fire safety requirements. MACHINE WASHABLE. EASY care instructions: Wash on Delicate, Line dry. No ironing necessary.

DIMENSIONS: Will fit standard 18x36 cradle mattress

Every mattress needs protection against liquids, stains, and bacteria and Baby Doll Bedding's fitted style 18x36 mattress protector does the job. Our premium protector has a soft quilted outer layer and is backed in water-repellent vinyl. It's the new and great alternative to sweaty plastic under sheets.Mchine washable. Fully manufactured in the USA.

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