BabyKicks Joey-Bunz Premium, Small

  • $43.29
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Color :Ivory
Size :Small
Handmade in the USA
Super absorbent hemp fleece and certified organic cotton blend
Contoured shape for maximum comfort and quick dry design
Gentle on sensitive skin
Compatible with every diaper brand on the market

The BabyKicks Premium Hemparoo JoeyBunz are a deluxe version of our original JoeyBunz. These bad boys are 4 layers of absorbent natural hemp/certified organic cotton fleece and are super thin at only 1/8 of an thick. But, don't let their lack of bulk deceive you. Hemp is well known for its absorbency and can hold at least 3x its weight in liquid. Whether you use one JoeyBunz during the day or two overnight, the contour shape is guaranteed to be comfortable on baby and practically bulletproof. BabyKicks Premium JoeyBunz make GREAT doublers or replacement inserts and will fit in every type and brand of diaper available including Pockets, Hybrids, All in 2's, All in Ones, Fitteds, Prefolds, or alone inside a waterproof cover.

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