Bebe Sounds Toy - Fuss No More

Bebe Sounds Toy - Fuss No More

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When you need to distract your baby you need more than just a rattle. That's why Baby Buzz'r is so helpful at that time. It has a cheerful smiling face with big red teething ears to make it easy for your baby to hold. It vibrates, has flashing lights for eyes, and plays music. Three big easy-to-press buttons let your child choose vibrations, flashing lights, music or all three.

The vibrations may be a new sensation that will captivate your baby, the classical music will help enhance your baby's development, and the flashing lights will keep your baby's interest. It also has a safety mirror on the back because all babies love to look in the mirror, and a hole in one ear for easy attachment to a stroller.

Baby Buzz'r was invented by a physician and is a winner of the Dr. Toy Best Vacation Children's Products Award. For ages 3 months and up.

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